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Storytime Dining

Restaurant Projection

We can proudly share that we broke the Guinness World Record for the most projection mapped displays at a single venue in Las Vegas.

Projection mapping could be coming to a restaurant near you! It’s always a treat to see designers go that extra mile to create beautiful projection mapping content and this piece is no exception.

As you sit down, preparing to gobble down your meal, a mini chef arrives at your plate ready to serve! 

Marine Division

Celebrity Cruises

Our services are not limited on land, now we continue creating magic along the seven seas through restaurant projection and lighting in different spots around cruise ships. With this new creation, both kids and adults will enjoy their vacations while experiencing moments that will take them out of this world.

Projection on surfaces

Building, walls, cars projection

The possibilities of 3D Projection Mapping have no limits. There is no surface that can not be mapped and projected upon. We are able to project your show, promotion or event onto virtually anything, including any architecture. Architectural Projection can mean mountains with the most inconsistent and rockest of surfaces.

There is also a certain awe inspiring effect that happens when someone actually witnesses a 3d Building Projection LIVE. The sheer size of the building, seemingly coming to life with such vibrant colors and motion graphics that it is often cited as an event in and of itself. 3d Projection on Buildings are the newest form of hi tech advertising that is sure to amaze. Building Projection video's are also widely shared on every major social site on the web, making the opportunity to advertise your message one that should be seriously considered as a viral possibility that can have a very long lasting effect. Our most popular service and the most requested.

2D and 3D animation and lighting for events 

Restaurants & Night Clubs

There are so many ways to utilize this amazing technology that it has become an event by its own nature. 3D Projection Events can sometimes be referred to as '4D Projection', as there is usually an additional element added to the projection itself. Picture a musical performance on a stage where the lights around the performer change the entire visual of the landscape to appear as if they are in different worlds from one minute to the next.

Cocktail Factory

Bar Projection

Le Petit Chef went on vacation and prepared Piñas Coladas! With the Cocktail Factory you will be able to experience a completely different show with a new environment and fun adventures that the little chef will have until getting his cocktail done!

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